M. Ward is coming to SF!

After seeing M. Ward rock the Treasure Island Music Festival, I’ve been aching to see him play his own show.

And fortuitously at Slim’s this week, I noticed a show on their calendar for a band named She and Him…read on further to revel that the She is Zooey Deschanel (Elf, Almost Famous, Hitchhiker’s Guide) and the Him is M. Ward.  I quickly rushed up to the ticket booth and snatched up a couple.

I can’t wait!


Decemberists: 1.31.08 Moore Theater

Moore Theater

  1. Oceanside (5 Songs EP)
  2. July, July! (Castaways and Cutouts)
  3. The Soldiering Life (Her Majesty, The Decemberists)
  4. The Island: Come & See / The Landlord’s Daughter / You’ll Not Feel The Drowning (The Crane Wife)
  5. Yankee Bayonett (Will Be Home Then) (The Crane Wife)
  6. Shankill Butchers (The Crane Wife)
  7. Oh Valencia! (The Crane Wife)
  8. Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect (Castaways and Cutouts) flowing into Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
  9. The Bagman’s Gambit (Picaresque)
  10. A Perfect Crime (The Crane Wife)

Technical Difficulties!!!

  1. Interlude: Oh Susanna
  2. ?
  3. Culling of the Fold

Everything fixed

  1. Sixteen Military Wives (Picaresque)
  2. A Cautionary Song (Castaways and Cutouts)
  3. Sons and Daughters (The Crane Wife)


  1. Blues Run The Game (Jackson Frank cover)
  2. Jessie’s Girl adlib sung by Chris Funk
  3. The Mariner’s Revenge Song (Picaresque)

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Rilo Kiley: Warfield 9.6.07

Rilo Kiley
Warfield (San Francisco)

  1. It’s a Hit (More Adventurous)
  2. Close Call (Under the Blacklight)
  3. Portions for Foxes (More Adventurous)
  4. Paint’s Peeling (The Execution of All Things)
  5. Ripchord (More Adventurous)
  6. Breakin’ Up (Under the Blacklight)
  7. Moneymaker (Under the Blacklight)
  8. Dreamworld (Under the Blacklight)
  9. With Arms Outstretched (The Execution of All Things)
  10. Wires & Waves (Take Offs and Landings)
  11. I Never (More Adventurous)
  12. Smoke Detector (Under the Blacklight)
  13. 15 (Under the Blacklight)
  14. Silver Lining (Under the Blacklight)
  15. Spectacular Views (The Execution of All Things)
  16. Give a Little Love (Under the Blacklight)
  17. Rise Up With Fists (“cover” as they called it: Rabbit Fur Coat – Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins)
  18. Does He Love You? (More Adventurous)

With a little help from kewlmuzik.

Jeff Tweedy: Fillmore 2.9.06

Jeff Tweedy
Fillmore (San Francisco)

NOTE: I have a high quality recording of this show which I’ll happily share. It’s great to hear Jeff interact with the crowd. He’s got some really funny stories, one in particular about an entertaining experience with Amoeba Music. Just send a note if you’d like a copy.

  1. Someday Some Morning Sometime (Mermaid Avenue Vol. 2 – Billy Bragg and Wilco)
  2. She’s a Jar (Summerteeth)
  3. Black Eye (?)
  4. Lost Love (?)
  5. Someone Else’s Song (Being There)
  6. Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down (cover)
  7. When Roses Bloom Again (cover)
  8. Spiders (Kidsmoke) (a ghost is born)
  9. Muzzle of Bees (a ghost is born)
  10. The Ruling Class (Born Again In America – a great Jeff Tweedy side project)
    Download live version (free – sorry for the mp4)
  11. How to Fight Loneliness (Summerteeth)
  12. Someday Soon (Being There)
  13. Theologians (a ghost is born)
  14. The Thanks I Get (The Thanks I Get)
  15. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)
  16. Wait Up (?)
  17. California Stars (Mermaid Avenue – Billy Bragg and Wilco)
  18. ELT (Summerteeth)
  19. Gun (?)
  20. A Shot in the Arm (Summerteeth)
  21. Not for the Season (?)
  22. Heavy Metal Drummer (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)
  23. I’m The Man Who Loves You (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)
  24. New Madrid (Anodyne – Uncle Tupelo)

Arcade Fire: Greek Theater (Berkeley) 6.2.07

Arcade Fire with Electrelane
Greek Theater (Berkeley)

  1. Keep The Car Running (Neon Bible)
  2. Black Mirror (Neon Bible)
  3. No Cars Go (Neon Bible, No Cars Go)
  4. Haiti (Funeral)
  5. Neighborhood #2 (Laika) (Funeral)
  6. Black Wave / Bad Vibrations (Neon Bible)
  7. In The Backseat (Funeral)
  8. Antichrist Television Blues (Neon Bible)
  9. Intervention (Neon Bible)
  10. The Well And The Lighthouse (Neon Bible)
  11. Ocean Of Noise (Neon Bible)
  12. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) (Funeral)
  13. Headlights Look Like Diamonds (Arcade Fire EP)
  14. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) (Funeral)
  15. Rebellion (Lies) (Funeral)
  16. My Body Is A Cage (Neon Bible)
  17. Wake Up (Funeral)

DRM-free Arcade Fire mp3s at Amazon



Decemberists: Hollywood Bowl 7.7.07

Decemberists + LA Philharmonic + Hollywood Bowl = Magic

hollywood bowl

I was at this show but didn’t do a very good job noting the songs. Please help fill in the blanks!

  1. The Crane Wife 1 & 2
  2. The Infanta
  3. We Both Go Down Together
  4. Odalisque
  5. The Perfect Crime # 2
  6. The Bagman’s Gambit
  7. Los Angeles I’m Yours
  8. O Valencia!
  9. I Was Meant For The Stage
  10. The Chimbley Sweep

Listen to a recording of this show.

Openers: Andrew Bird, Band of Horses

Sidenote: This blog’s header picture with Colin Meloy was taken at this show.




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